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Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007
DPI ANNOUNCES 30,000 LUMEN PRO SERIES DISPLAY ATLANTA, GA, (November 20, 2007) – Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the introduction of the newest and brightest projector in its large venue Professional Series, the LIGHTNING 45HD-3D. Advancements within the projector’s prism and optics enable the display to produce 35% higher lumens without any increase in lamp wattage, thermal dissipation or fan noise. These operational benefits position the LIGHTNING 45HD-3D as the quietest, most compact and most energy efficient projector in the ultra high brightness lumen category.

Featuring 30,000 center lumens and 2000:1 contrast, the 2048x1080 pixel resolution LIGHTNING 45HD-3D is identical in size, weight and functional capability to the previous LIGHTNING 35 and 40HD-T projectors, which are already in widespread use throughout the worldwide staging industry and in major venues around the globe. Beyond the LIGHTNING HD-3D’s improvements in optical efficiency, the increase in ANSI lumens is further enabled through DP’s hyper-cooled lamp module, which dramatically improves projector thermal characteristics and extends reflector life and lumen maintenance. In turn, these operating benefits provide a significant reduction to cost of operation and long-term cost of ownership, while also enhancing component reliability. DP also introduced a similar model, the LIGHTNING 38HD-3D at 22,000 lumens and a lower price than the brighter 45HD-3D. The LIGHTNING 38HD-3D includes all of the same features as the brighter counterpart.

The LIGHTNING HD-3D is capable of displaying active 3D content at up to 2048 x 1080 resolution and 120 frames per second through twin-dual DVI inputs. By enabling active 3D via DVI, rather than via analog inputs, the LIGHTNING HD-3D series remains the only projectors in their class, capable of end-to-end digital 3D display. The same twin-dual DVI inputs can also accept sources with up to 12 bits per color (R, G & B). These 12-bit sources are pixel mapped to the DMD’s via precise de-gamma processing with an output grey scale resolution of 16 bits per color. When utilized with high color-depth sources, the LIGHTNING 45HD-3D is capable of producing a total on-screen pallet of more than 280 trillion colors at any resolution up to 2K. The twin-dual DVI capability positions the LIGHTNING HD-3D as the highest color-depth projector of any product available today.

“Our new LIGHTNING 45HD-3D presents a more refined and simpler solution for ultra large venue and critical imaging customers,” stated Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection, Inc. “Using only 3.6KW of lamp power to produce its 30K lumen brightness, the 45HD-3D boasts the highest lumen per watt efficiency of any product in this lumen class, and as a result, consumes less power and generates significantly less heat. It is smaller, lighter and notably quieter as well. Add its exclusive all-digital 3D signal path and extraordinary color depth and it is fair to say no other projector packs as much performance into such a small, capable and easy to deploy package.”

DP will begin accepting and shipping orders for the new LIGHTNING HD-3D projectors immediately. The projector list price is stated at $99,995 for the LIGHTNING 45HD-3D and $89,995 for the LIGHTNING 38HD-3D.