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Juice Goose

Since 1983 Juice Goose has been a leading manufacturer of electric power conditioning, distribution and control equipment. Markets include commercial audio-video, security and telecommunications.

Model: SCV-10001

UPS battery back up. 1000VA. 900 Watts. 8.3 Amps. On-line, continuous double conversion power. Rack mountable. Replaceable batteries. Three minute run time under full load. Ten minutes under half load
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Juice Goose Announces Compatibility with Symetrix Composer v5.6
Posted on Monday, February 5, 2018

Juice Goose Announces Compatibility with

Symetrix Composer v5.6


Juice Goose has again expanded applications for its iP Series power control models.

Symetrix, Inc., a leading provider of installed systems DSP, announces the release of their Control Server platform, USB Audio Card, Edge DSPs, and an update to Composer v5.6, its award-winning open architecture design software.

In addition to other enhancements, the new Composer v5.6 includes Super-modules for Juice Goose iP Series power sequencing and control devices. These Super-modules, which feature Symetrix’ custom graphic user interface, provide simultaneous user control of each individual power pod on the Juice Goose product, enabling the user to individually or sequentially turn power on or off as needed for power cycling reboot or general power control.

For additional information, contact:

Peter Cook

VP Juice Goose