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Juice Goose

Since 1983 Juice Goose has been a leading manufacturer of electric power conditioning, distribution and control equipment. Markets include commercial audio-video, security and telecommunications.

Model: SCV-10001

UPS battery back up. 1000VA. 900 Watts. 8.3 Amps. On-line, continuous double conversion power. Rack mountable. Replaceable batteries. Three minute run time under full load. Ten minutes under half load
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Single Rack Space UPS
Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Single Rack Space UPS

Juice Goose announces the KIN-1000RM, a line interactive UPS that fits in a single rack space.

The line interactive design includes a "buck-boost" transformer that corrects incoming voltage to provide proper 120 VAC output. 
This process improves power line quality while reducing the need for battery usage.

This UPS has a 1000 VA, 600 watt rating. 
Battery run time is two minutes or more. Power conditioning provides 320 Joules of surge protection and up to 50dB of AC line filtration.
Other features possible data network interface via RS 232  or external SNMP card.

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