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1 x 8 3G/HD/SD-SDI Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

Model: 500DA-3G

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The 500DA-3G reclocking distribution amplifier provides inexpensive distribution of your SMPTE ST 424, SMPTE ST 292-1 and SMPTE ST 259 serial digital video signals at rates of 3Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s and 270Mb/s. The DA supports all other all other SMPTE ST 344, SMPTE ST 259, SMPTE ST 310 and DVB-ASI data rates in a non-reclocked mode (540Mb/s, 360Mb/s, 143Mbs/, 19.4Mb/s). Ideal in applications where a large quantity of outputs are required, the DA features an auto-equalized input with eight isolated reclocked outputs.

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