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DTEN is an award-winning provider of all-in-one communication and collaboration solutions for Zoom. Founded in 2015, DTEN’s mission is to provide revolutionary tools and services that change the way people connect with one another around the world. DTEN solutions combine cutting-edge technology for video conferencing that are plug-and-play ready with superior performance and affordability.

Model: DTEN D7 Dual 75-inch

Ideal for large rooms, the DTEN D7 Dual 75’’ provides expansive, flexible, and lifelike interactivity for collaboration equity.
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Unlocking Seamless Collaboration: The Invaluable Role of DTEN Bar as a Small Room Solution
Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Unlocking Seamless Collaboration: The Invaluable Role of DTEN Bar as a Small Room Solution

Jan. 31, 2024 - In a recent blog post, DTEN announced the introduction of a new video bar solution for small rooms, the DTEN Bar with DTEN Mate, the newest video conferencing equipment from DTEN.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, where remote collaboration and virtual meetings have become the norm, the value of innovative tools cannot be overstated. Video bars have emerged as an indispensable asset, transforming the way teams connect and collaborate across distances. Let’s delve into the reasons why DTEN’s video bar, the DTEN Bar, is set to be a cornerstone in the realm of collaborative technology.

Yup, You Can Flip It

Unique in the market, the DTEN Bar can be mounted in a traditional configuration – above or below a display or it can be mounted vertically between two displays. One advantage of the flip capability is that the camera is now at eye-level when mounted between two screens. This configuration makes for much more natural feeling hybrid meeting experiences where you can engage with remote participants eye-to-eye.

Enhanced Visual and Audio Quality: A Feast for the Senses

One of the primary advantages of the DTEN Bar is its ability to provide high-quality visual and audio experiences. Equipped with an advanced 4K AI-enhanced camera system, the DTEN Bar captures crisp, clear video, ensuring that every facial expression and detail is conveyed seamlessly. Paired with a powerful 12 microphone array and front-facing 15W stereo speakers, the DTEN Bar delivers superior audio quality, eliminating the frustrations of muffled voices and background noise.

Simplifying the Setup: Plug and Play Brilliance

Gone are the days of complicated setups and tangled cords. The DTEN Bar is designed for simplicity, offering a plug-and-play solution with built-in video meeting software that reduces the barriers to entry for users. With minimal installation requirements, teams can focus on collaboration rather than troubleshooting technical issues.

Versatility in Meeting Spaces 

Whether you’re conducting a high-stakes meeting or catching up with a colleague, the DTEN Bar provides versatility in meeting space. Its compact design and easy integration with various room configurations make them suitable for any small room, adapting to the evolving nature of modern work environments.

Seamless Integration with Collaboration Platforms

The DTEN Bar is a certified solution for Zoom Rooms, with support for Microsoft Teams coming in early 2024. Through the DTEN Bar’s single BYOD cable, users can connect with any portable PC and utilize the DTEN Bar for virtually any other video meeting application. 

This ensures that users can leverage their preferred communication tools without the headache of compatibility issues. The result? A smooth and efficient collaborative experience that aligns with the way your teams already work.

Fostering Engagement and Connection

The value of the DTEN Bar extends beyond functionality; it plays a crucial role in fostering engagement and connection among your team members. The ability to see facial expressions, share visual content, and collaborate in real-time creates a sense of connection that transcends geographical boundaries.

Cost-Effective Collaboration Solutions

Investing in the DTEN Bar proves to be a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to enhance their collaboration infrastructure. This device consolidates multiple functionalities into a single, user-friendly unit, eliminating the need for extensive hardware setups and reducing overall costs.

Future-Proofing Collaboration Strategies

As the landscape of remote work continues to evolve, the DTEN Bar serves as a future-proofing strategy for organizations. Its adaptability, compatibility with evolving technologies, and ongoing software updates ensure that teams can stay connected and productive, regardless of future changes in the collaboration landscape. Indeed, in early 2024 DTEN is planning on making the DTEN Vue Camera systems available as an add-on to the DTEN Bar making it the ideal solution for medium and large rooms as well.

The DTEN Bar sets the stage for the next generation in hybrid work technology, offering a seamless and immersive experience that transcends traditional communication boundaries. From enhanced audiovisual quality to simplified setups and cost-effective solutions, the value of the DTEN Bar is evident in its ability to elevate collaboration in the modern workplace. Embrace the future of collaboration with the right video bar, and watch your team’s connectivity and productivity soar.

Model: DTEN Bar