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DTEN is an award-winning provider of all-in-one communication and collaboration solutions for Zoom. Founded in 2015, DTEN’s mission is to provide revolutionary tools and services that change the way people connect with one another around the world. DTEN solutions combine cutting-edge technology for video conferencing that are plug-and-play ready with superior performance and affordability.

Model: Small Room Solution

DTEN Small Room Solution - an optimized solution for smaller meeting spaces. Instantly transform small meeting spaces into dynamic and efficient collaborative environments for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft
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DTEN D7X Dual Delivers True Face-To-Face Collaboration With Eye-level Camera System, Advanced Acoustics, and Powerful AI Functionality
Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2023
DTEN D7X Dual Delivers True Face-To-Face Collaboration With Eye-level Camera System, Advanced Acoustics, and Powerful AI Functionality

New professional all-in-one, Windows-based device leads the industry with two interactive 75-inch displays, 5-camera system, and high-capacitive touch screen.

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The new DTEN D7X Dual 75-inch collaboration all-in-one solution is available for order today from DTEN, an industry leading provider of video-first, touch-enabled conferencing hardware. DTEN D7X Dual, a Windows-based solution, enables even more dynamic collaborations across the hybrid workplace, with two spacious interactive displays, state-of-the art audiovisuals, built-in AI-enhancements, and collaborative touchscreens for whiteboarding.

"DTEN D7X Dual takes the video meeting to a new level by replicating same-room experiences," says Nia Celestin, the company's Head of Marketing. "You're meeting eye-to-eye, the acoustics are impeccably crisp, and the shared whiteboard enables everyone to collaborate simultaneously."

With two 75-inch ultra-HD 4K screens, DTEN D7X Dual provides an extra-large canvas for collaboration. One of the device's unique features is camera placement: the super-wide 120° 4K camera is centrally located between the two displays, ensuring in-room meeting participants are captured at eye-level. In addition, the DTEN D7X Dual includes the DTEN Vue Pro*, an additional patented 4x4K camera system which is engineered to enhance Zoom's meeting equity and hybrid workspace features.

Celestin notes, "The camera location on the DTEN D7X Dual replicates a more natural interaction. You aren't looking at a camera, you're communicating with a colleague face-to-face. With vastly improved image fidelity in video calls, in-room participants will feel more present, even when seated at the back of the room, and remote viewers will experience greater meeting equity through true face-to-face interactions, while picking up on nuanced visual cues - more closely simulating real in-room meetings."

Robust visuals are matched with high performance audio. With a 15-microphone array, DTEN D7X Dual clearly captures every voice throughout the meeting room. Built-in front-facing speakers provide exceptional sound output. AI-features enhance audio with proprietary algorithms for noise suppression and echo cancellation for clarity.

With native support for Zoom Rooms, DTEN D7X Dual extends the same-room experience with a shared canvas for meeting participants to fully interact. Review documents, annotate, present, ideate – the ability for creative and productive collaboration is unlimited.

Other callouts for DTEN D7X Dual: like all DTEN hardware, it features plug-and-play simplicity in set-up; when paired with the DTEN Mate tablet, users can enjoy convenient Zoom Rooms meeting control and scheduling from virtually anywhere in the room; and, DTEN D7X Dual will offer even more features with upcoming firmware updates.

Celestin also emphases the product's design, "Form and function truly unite here. All of DTEN's emphasis on inclusive collaboration, all our knowledge regarding intuitive user experience, all of the award-winning design expertise come together in the DTEN D7X Dual."

DTEN D7X Dual 75-inch for Windows is available from DTEN channel partners and directly from DTEN starting today. Find out more at *US Patent Application Number 17/994,634