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Christie, a leader in high-performance display solutions for professional markets, is recognized as one of the most innovative manufacturers of projection systems and multi-windowing processors. Christie consistently sets the standard by being first to market with some of the most advanced projectors and complete system solutions – all backed by industry-leading warranties, service and support.

Model: D13WU2-HS

1DLP laser phosphor projection in WUXGA resolution with super-quiet operation.
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Christie Brings End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions to Retail Marketplace
Posted on Friday, January 14, 2011
Christie Brings End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions to Retail Marketplace

NRF/NEW YORK – (January 10, 2011) – Christie®, a global visual technology company, today unveiled a range of comprehensive digital signage solutions at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Expo 2011; solutions that deliver the coveted “wow” factor that retailers are searching for as well as the behind-the-scenes monitoring and control necessary to keep display systems running. Characterized by excellent visual quality, ease of setup and use, and low maintenance, the solutions are backed by support and service options, which only a world-class manufacturer like Christie, with more than 80 years of best in class visual products and services experience, can provide.

“Retailers know their messaging and want partners who can translate their visions into impactful displays that support in-store marketing strategies, increase dwell time and engage shoppers,” said Sean James, vice president, Managed Services, Christie. “We create exciting, in-store experiences that make customers stop, shop and play. And by offering specialty installations from design through deployment and into post-deployment monitoring and maintenance, Christie offers retailers the end-to-end solutions they need to stand apart in a competitive world.”
Ultimate Freedom for Store Designers and Brand Managers

Christie’s digital display solutions deliver extremely bright and high resolution images, ideally suited for window front and in-store installations. The modular nature of the displays gives store designers complete freedom to create captivating digital displays in any shape or size. Plus, with their narrow profile, displays can be part of any store retrofit, and can be easily assembled, dismantled and reconstructed in new locations and configurations to meet the changing needs of each (shopping) season.

With the unrivalled wide color gamut, Christie’s digital displays deliver exceptional Pantone color matching, providing Brand Managers with the added assurance that the integrity of their brand is consistently protected and maintained.

Ongoing Monitoring, Support and Services

Christie’s Digital Signage Solutions also include post-installation remote management, monitoring and control of all digital displays. A virtual “big brother,” Christie’s 24/7 managed services ensure that clients’ display systems continued to play and display consistently and reliably.  

Interactive, Multimedia Solutions and Services on Display at NRF

NRF Expo 2011 attendees will be struck by how Christie displays can be seen from any viewpoint and angle, ensuring that the fast-moving audiences that characterize retail shopping dwell on and in some cases interact with the display, which in turn delivers the full impact of a retailer’s messages.

Specifically, Christie will showcase a ‘shop and play’ interactive display, featuring Christie MicroTiles in a unique configuration complete with sound, that allows customers to select different product configurations interactively, spinning and rotating them for better views, and even downloading the images to their mobile devices should they desire.

As well, a “Virtual Shelf™ will be showcased. A multimedia application, the Virtual Shelf combines Christie MicroTiles display technology, interactive and mobile applications to support new innovative in-store marketing strategies. Retailers can significantly add value to the in-store experience from a visual and architectural perspective, while optimizing inventory management with a mix of real and virtual products on display.

“Christie’s digital video displays have been used by some of the world’s most discerning retailers and marketers including Harrods, Versace and the Miami Dolphins,” said James. “Retailers need an instant way to connect with customers and influence shopping decisions at the point of purchase, where the majority of sales are made. Our goal is to deliver the “wow” factor that ultimately engages customers, while providing back-end support to ensure that displays are always running and driving revenue for our clients.”