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German cinemas innovate with cinema technology
Posted on Monday, May 27, 2024
German cinemas innovate with cinema technology

AACHEN, Germany – With two 55,000 lumen Christie RGB pure laser projectors as part of a CINITY Cinema System, Cineplex Aachen celebrated a technological premiere in Europe that attracted internationally renowned filmmakers as the first cinema in Germany  with a CINITY Cinema System. The projectors were supplied and installed by ECCO Cine Supply & Service, and a second installation is planned for Cinetower in Alsdorf.

Early adopters of technology

In the world of cinema, there are technical milestones that change the cinema experience forever, and the goal of the Stürtz family was to make the most of the technological possibilities in its cinemas in Aachen and Alsdorf. Whether it's a sound system, 3D digital, or RGB pure laser projection with CINITY, experienced cinema operators have always been at the forefront of innovation. "We always try to set technical anchors and be early adopters of modern technology," explains Sebastian Stürtz, who, together with his brother Moritz, is the fourth generation to continue the family's cinema tradition.

CINITY is a premium projection system specially developed for Premium Large Format (PLF) cinema screens. It offers a range of groundbreaking features from crisp-clear 4K resolution, impressive 3D, high frame rate (HFR), extended dynamic range, a wide color gamut (WCG), and an immersive sound experience. CINITY combines all these elements to create an unrivaled cinematic experience. With brighter images, more vivid colors, and smoother motion, CINITY promises to transport viewers into a world of visual and auditory brilliance.

Christie’s CP4450-RGB projector with CineLife+™ electronics and Real|Laser™ illumination technology is at the heart of the installation. This high-performance projector can display content with a resolution of up to 4K and a frame rate of 120 frames per second. 

Bringing added value to life

In 2019, Cinetower Alsdorf received its first flagship Christie CP4440-RGB pure laser projector - another European first at the time. "We have already received very positive feedback. The high-resolution images, with their brightness and true-to-life color intensity, have impressed moviegoers across the board," says Stürtz. Together with Dolby Atmos Sound and D-Box Motion Seats, the premium experience has since been labeled “ULTIMATE.“, a name that has been well received by audiences. 

"The Stürtz family's commitment to a holistic cinema experience - in terms of image, sound, and stage technology as well as ambiance - has always been characterized by a high level of quality awareness," says Thomas Rüttgers, Managing Director of ECCO Cine Supply & Service, which was also responsible for the installation in 2019. "It's great to see that this is also honored by the visitors,” he adds.

However, the success of the technology concept does not come readily. "The technology is not immediately obvious," Stürtz says. Whenever new innovative equipment is installed, the respective theatre director personally presents the technology before each performance. “That way, we raise our audience's awareness. Today, we receive very precise inquiries about the technical equipment in the theatres."

Next dual projection with CINITY at Cinetower Alsdorf 

To create a uniform brand experience, a second dual projection system with Christie laser projectors and CINITY is planned at Cinetower Alsdorf. "With this further development, we also want to offer our guests in Alsdorf a more intensive cinema experience," confirms Stürtz.

"We are confident that with the installation of CINITY in combination with Real|Laser™ illumination technology, the Cinetower cinema in Alsdorf will also set new standards for the cinema experience, and we are happy to support the Stürtz family in this," concludes Rüttgers.

The installation in Alsdorf is planned for late 2024.

Photo credit: Patrick Engel