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Unique Dream of Red Mansions
Posted on Monday, January 8, 2024
Unique Dream of Red Mansions

LANGFANG, China – Christie® is pleased to announce that its powerful HS, GS and Inspire Series 1DLP® laser projectors are illuminating a theatrical park based on the Chinese literary masterpiece, Dream of the Red Mansions, with spectacular visuals.

Situated in Langfang, Hebei province, this expansive venue occupies a total area of 150,000 square meters and features five main theatres as well as 108 scenario spaces and outdoor theatres. Known as the "Unique Dream of Red Mansions," it is a cornerstone of the Dream Langfang Theme Park, a visionary project that took eight years to complete. All performances in the venue are directed by Chaoge Wang, a seasoned veteran known for her influential scenario performances and theatrical works that have significantly contributed to the tourism development of various locations.

In a dedicated effort to elevate the theatrical experience and connect the classic novel with a younger audience, the producers seamlessly integrated visual technologies into live performances, crafting an exceptionally engaging and immersive ambiance. Leading this technological enhancement, Christie's reliable partner, Beijing Zhongqing Display Technology, took on the responsibility of delivering projections across four distinct performance venues. A total of 84 projectors, including the HS Series DWU1612-HS, GS Series DWU1082-GS and DWU1400-GS, and the Inspire Series DWU860-iS, were deployed at "Beidamen light show", "Dream of the Red Mansions Chapter 33", "Youhaiwu Theatre", and "Theatre of Beds".

"The 'Unique Dream of Red Mansions' park stands as China's inaugural attraction inspired by a literary masterpiece," said Qing Zhu, general manager, Beijing Zhongqing Display Technology. "For this monumental project, we selected the Christie HS, GS, and Inspire Series laser projectors based on their robust quality, reliability and exceptional color performance demonstrated in prior installations. Despite navigating challenges such as pandemic lockdowns, the two-year installation journey culminated in results that we take great pride in. The projections have successfully captured the dreamlike and illusory essence of this classic novel."

Among the anticipated highlights in the theatrical park is the "Beidamen Light Show", a captivating projection mapping spectacle featuring 16 ancient-style gates adorned with various designs in a sprawling outdoor courtyard. Gloriously lit by 64 Christie DWU860-iS projectors, these gates come alive with spectacular images, offering visitors a mesmerizing and visually stunning display to enjoy.

In the "Youhaiwu Theatre", audiences can enjoy a compelling hour-long live performance showcasing a talented cast, exquisite sets, and props, including 36 intricately carved wooden doors. The spectacle is further enhanced by vivid projections on the floor and screens surrounding the stage, brought to life by 15 Christie DWU1082-GS projectors. This performance stands as the main highlight of the "Unique Dream of Red Mansions" park and remains the most watched and celebrated show within the entire venue.

Meanwhile, in the "Dream of the Red Mansions Chapter 33" theatre, visitors experience an engaging enactment of one of the novel's most memorable scenes. The narrative unfolds on a massive, curved screen, illuminated by three Christie DWU1400-GS projectors, providing an immersive viewing experience. On the other hand, the "Theatre of Beds" offers an experimental twist, inviting the audience to recline on beds while interacting with lifelike imagery displayed on a large, tilted screen, powered by two Christie DWU1612-GS projectors.

April Qin, senior sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, "As a company dedicated to delivering unparalleled visual experiences, the major installation at the 'Unique Dream of Red Mansions' park stands as a testament to Christie's commitment to innovation and excellence. Our projection solutions, including the HS, GS, and Inspire Series, have embraced the aesthetic and philosophical essence of this Chinese literary masterpiece, delighting audiences and redefining the boundaries of immersive storytelling."