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Christie, a leader in high-performance display solutions for professional markets, is recognized as one of the most innovative manufacturers of projection systems and multi-windowing processors. Christie consistently sets the standard by being first to market with some of the most advanced projectors and complete system solutions – all backed by industry-leading warranties, service and support.

Model: M 4K25 RGB

Christie® M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector re-imagines and reinvents the rugged and reliable M Series industry workhorse with innovative, cutting-edge RGB pure laser technology.
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Christie Brio Meeting Room Solution Makes Its Debut at InfoComm China 2014
Posted on Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Visit Christie at Booth #EE1-01 

INFOCOMM CHINA/BEIJING – (April 9, 2014) – Christie®, a global leader in display and visualization solutions, showcases its powerful Christie® Brio meeting presentation and collaboration solution for the first time in China at InfoComm China 2014, April 9-11.

A communication breakthrough, Christie Brio is the future of meeting room presentation and collaboration. It provides a single unit environment to share information and work together across multiple sites for effortless productive meetings. It helps remove technical barriers to get people connected fast, with no extra software or dongles to be installed, reducing frustration and increasing productivity.

The ease of connectivity is enabled with an integrated system, using wired or wireless connections, to automatically coordinate up to five simultaneous video and audio presentations, and present them on one or two meeting room displays. Whether using Macs or PCs, iPads, Android tablets or smartphones, participants and presentations can be added to a virtual meeting in the correct aspect ratios.

“With Christie Brio, collaboration has never been easier. Exchanging of ideas and decisions can now be done effectively and efficiently, gathered into a single unit,” said Jonathan Lim, director of sales, Vista Systems, Christie Asia Pacific. “The struggle to collect, organize and display content for meeting sessions are now a thing of the past. Christie Brio is the solution to connectivity frustrations and the future for presentation sharing technology. Its efficient ability to connect people from everywhere, no matter the geographical difference, changes the way the world shares information, and allows decision makers to focus on what matters most.”  

Connected via locally-managed IP networks, using Christie Brio means presentations and high quality media are shared between sites – no matter the location – as fast and easy as a phone call, but with a much richer participation experience.

Christie Brio also enables participants to display high-quality uncompressed 1080p video sources within a meeting room or stream video up to 30 fps. And its interactive whiteboard allows participants to edit on shared resources such as notes or sketches, boosting efficiency and effective sharing.

Benefits of Christie Brio

  • Just a couple of mouse clicks adds your information to the composited meeting room screen generated by a Christie Brio node. The nodes can be quickly connected via locally-managed IP networks to form a multi-site meeting where all participants see the same content.
  • In addition to video and audio, all participants can use the interactive whiteboard to share and draw in real time, regardless of geographic locations.
  • Display high-quality uncompressed 1080p video sources within a meeting room or stream video between sites at up to 30 fps.
  • Guaranteed security since no personal device information or content is loaded or saved on a Christie Brio node.
  • No personal device information or content is loaded or saved on a Christie Brio node. Communication with or between nodes can be limited to invited users only.

“We’re proud to showcase Christie Brio to the China market at InfoComm Beijing 2014,” added Lin Yu, vice president, Christie Asia Pacific. “As the industry leader of display and visualization solutions, Christie Brio’s launch in China will transform the industry standard of presentation sharing technology, change the way people share and work together, and pave the way for effective and productive team collaborations. Christie foresees the future needs of consumers and this is how we stay on top of the competition.”