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Over 35 Years of Excellence - Audix commenced in 1984 with a mission that remains unchanged: To design, engineer, and manufacture high performing, innovative products that contribute to the advancement of the professional audio industry. Year after year Audix microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance, quality, durability and value.

Model: M55WD

The M55WD is an innovative, hanging ceiling microphone system designed for applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are critical. All electronics are fully integrated wit
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Recording Magazine On The A133 Studio Mic: "Balanced And Accurate"
Posted on Friday, April 9, 2021
Recording Magazine On The A133 Studio Mic:

April 9, 2021 - In the April 2021 issue of Recording Magazine, the Audix A133 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone received a glowing review from writer Alex Hawley, who tested the mic on several sources.

"Its accurate and uncolored response makes it an excellent choice for any number of percussive or stringed instruments as well as voice," Hawley writes. "It sounded excellent on the barrage of hand percussion I used, and I think the smooth top end would translate into great overheads as well."

For vocals, he writes that the A133 feel "right at home" with a "touch of airiness" around 12 kHz that adds "clarity with a nice modern touch" and "impressively well protected from plosives."

His favorite source was the acoustic guitar and that "there's something very satisfying about the dynamics and detail the A133 can capture on a fingerstyle performance."