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National Railway Company of Belgium – Smart Meeting Rooms, Part 2

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National Railway Company of Belgium – Smart Meeting Rooms, Part 2
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The Vision

Meeting rooms for 4 to 8 people are increasingly popular, often used for departmental meetings, executive meetings, or external video conferencing. In such scenarios, the pain points to be solved include:

Typically, there is only one HDMI cable in the conference room, and those who want to project to the screen need to change position in order to present. 

Video conferencing requires a USB camera, but USB has a cable length limit, which makes it inconvenient to connect to the laptop. 

Too many wires on the table are not aesthetically pleasing and degrade the image of the company. 

The average conference camera cannot capture everyone in the conference room, and the picture quality is not good. 

If the audio quality in the larger space is poor, it will impact on the meeting experience.


1. Composite automatic tracking design

Lumens' intelligent tracking mode follows a presenter at the front of the room or can automatically frame the picture to ensure that all delegates are in view.

The camera connects to the ClickShare receiver via USB. It does not have to connect directly to a laptop.

2. Convenient screen sharing

Barco's ClickShare system allows delegates to start a meeting with ease, hosted on any laptop.

Switch to another user's screen at the click of a button.

Get rid of cables and quickly share content to the big screen with no re-cabling required

Simplify sharing and collaboration and increase meeting productivity.

3. Full-room audio coverage

Patented Microphone Mist technology fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so voices are picked up everywhere

4. Bring full-room audio coverage to all your unified comms spaces

No matter where people sit in the room, they can be heard by remote participants.

Patented Microphone Mist technology uses virtual microphones to pick up voices throughout the room.

Working of System

The organization has two adjoining meeting rooms. These can be used independently from one another or combined into a single space using AV technology.

Lumens VC-TR1  

Automatically tracks the presenter or frames all delegates in the room

Barco ClickShare

Enables users to share their screens with local delegates and video conference participants

DA HD 4K PLUS Series

Sends the HDMI output of the host laptop to multiple displays within the room 

Crestron RMCS

Controls the routing of the HDMI signals to the displays.