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AIA embraces BYOM as New Way to Collaborate with ClickShare Conference

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AIA embraces BYOM as New Way to Collaborate with ClickShare Conference
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AIA is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group with its presence across 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region. The group has 2 AIA offices in Taipei City, Taiwan. To enhance the conference and collaboration experience across offices, including their worldwide counterparts, the functional managers were looking for an integrated and seamless solution.

Some of the IT/network equipment criteria they were looking for included industry recognition, stability and reliability, ease of use, and cybersecurity. This is where Barco met the requisites effectively.

AIA’s strict network and computer security policies prohibit the use of external USB devices. However, the company’s security experts authorized the use of the ClickShare USB dongle owing to the levels of security built into the ClickShare Conference solution and given that Barco holds the ISO 27001 security certification.

Barco ClickShare Conference offers a hassle-free wireless conferencing solution that enables the workforce to use it on any device, bringing the teams together–wherever they are. It is simple to use and deploy, connecting the teams with just a click of a button. Its wireless feature helps in reducing the clutter of USB and HDMI cables on conference room tables. It is also agnostic, meaning it works with any USB camera or audio device, connects with the Unified Communication and Video Conferencing Platform of choice, and supports any computer (PC or Mac).

The IT team at AIA installed the conferencing solution without any complication. With easy-to-use features, such as easy click and mobile app, the entire team can share screens and information, wirelessly with local and remote participants.

Augmented conferencing experience with wireless connectivity

ClickShare Conference CX-30 is compatible with any PC, laptop, or Mac device running Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems. It can transform small to medium-sized meeting rooms into an innovative meeting and conference facilities. The solution helped AIA to redefine its conference rooms, upgrading the quality of discussions and making way for hybrid meetings.