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Keep Track of Patients and Improve Satisfaction with NEC Display Solutions

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Keep Track of Patients and Improve Satisfaction with NEC Display Solutions
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Keep Track of Patients and Improve Satisfaction with NEC Display Solutions

Healthcare solutions value practicality above all else, and healthcare technologies – including digital signage – must reflect this ambition. NEC Display Solutions’ new headquarters includes a healthcare vignette within its Briefing Center – a 6,000-square-foot space divided into 10 dedicated staging areas for each of its main verticals – to show healthcare professionals two compelling examples of how digital signage can be applied within clinics, hospitals and other facilities.

The Healthcare Vignette

NEC Display’s healthcare solutions are carefully designed to provide signage where it can be most impactful in enhancing patient care. The select solutions on exhibit are not only bestin-class displays and solutions, but they are the most ideal for the healthcare market, where image quality, 24x7 reliability, and high-quality service and warranty are essential.

The Technologies

The C551 commercial grade display is the perfect panel for use as a status board, quickly providing hospital staff with essential information about patients. Where these status boards traditionally were whiteboards or blackboards that had to be constantly updated by hand or with a mess of sticky notes, converting this board to a digital display allows for simplified updating of content in real time, without the mess. Content also can be shared simultaneously across multiple displays. The C551 can be oriented vertically, making it better suited for this task, and Medi+Sign provides a regulation-compliant solution for the sharing of patient information.

NEC Display’s EX341R provides an ideal platform for telemedicine, with a large display that can be used to share video feeds and relevant images simultaneously to enable communication across the facility or between facilities across the country. Bringing the entire solution together is the custom cart-mounting solution that allows the unit to be wheeled between offices. Healthcare facilities can take inspiration for how to outfit other parts of a facility, such as a hospital gift shop, cafeteria, training rooms and so on, from other vignettes in the NEC Briefing Center, including the retail, café and corporate environments.

The NEC Display Difference

The healthcare vignette highlights some of NEC Display’s greatest strengths – its industry partnerships and its reliability in critical applications where lives are on the line. “NEC Display and their partners are committed to using digital displays to enhance the lives and satisfaction of patients and healthcare workers everywhere,” said Kevin Christopherson, NEC Display Director of Product Marketing for LCD and Projectors. “But what sets us apart is that we back up that commitment with reliability and warranties that are unrivaled by the competition.”