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UDX projectors enhance in-the-round ballet

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UDX projectors enhance in-the-round ballet
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Leading UK production company, SFL, provided the AV requirements for Christopher Wheeldon’s ambitious staging of Cinderella by the English National Ballet (ENB) and The Royal Albert Hall staged at the iconic Royal Albert Hall, London, in June 2019. The set-up, utilising content provided by Projection Designer Daniel Brodie, was particularly ambitious as the show was performed in the round up to twice a day and required numerous changes of décor.

It became apparent that the best way to handle the various challenges was to use projection. Barco UDX projectors were chosen for the quality of the image and the superior blending needed to create bright, sharp images across such large surfaces.

Because of the complexity of this setup and due to issues with vibration, temperature, truss movement and other changes, the alignment had to be tweaked for perfect alignment every time before a show.

With support from Barco, SFL was able to use the Projector Toolset to achieve optimal alignment and color correction. This ensured the best images while significantly reducing the time needed doing line-ups.