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RGB Laser video wall upgrade ensures another 11.5 years of continuous video wall operation, with minimal cost and impact

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RGB Laser video wall upgrade ensures another 11.5 years of continuous video wall operation, with minimal cost and impact
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Every day, the programs we see on TV are inseparable from the hard work of TV industry practitioners. In order to ensure that millions of families can watch TV programs smoothly, the TV signal monitoring department keeps a close eye on the distribution quality at any time. Because this is a manual operaiont, the staff need to monitor all kinds of TV signals continuously 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, using the large video wall. Therefore, stability and reliability are the most important performance features for this video wall.

Stable and reliable, Barco lamp DLP 24/7 operated for many years

24/7 operationable equipment requires redundancy of key components. Once there is any problem, the equipment deploys the redundant components immediately to ensure continuous operations, so the monitoring work is not interrupted. But even if there are redundant components as a guarantee, the equipment overheating caused by non-stop operation can still cause a series of problems. So effective heat dissipation is another important guarantee for a stable operation. That is why, in addition to the redundant design of key components, Barco RPC (rear projection cube) products also feature a unique cooling system and can run steadily under any extreme conditions through rigorous anti-aging tests.

In 2007, the Barco lamp RPC video wall had been stationed in the key monitoring department of China’s national television distribution. According to the project manager of the monitoring department, in addition to regular replacement of lamps, filters and other consumables, Barco's RPC video wall has never experienced downtime or other failures in all this time.

Laser upgrade for another 11.5 years of continuous operation

When more than 10 years have passed, even the best equipment will face "renewal". The complete replacement of the monitoring video wall is not only costly, but also affects the office due to structural changes. The most important drawback is that the daily monitoring work stops. However, there is a solution that solves these issues.

At the beginning of 2019, Barco launched laser upgrade kits for RPC video walls. The lamp or LED light source can be upgraded directly to RGB laser, and the upgrade can be performed without system or operational downtime. Because only the electronics are replaced, the bulk of the mechanical system remains in place, so there is a lot less impact. After upgrading, the brightness of the video wall is doubled, the power consumption is reduced by 50%, and the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced.

Furthermore, Barco laser upgrade kits use a new physical heat dissipation method. Through special materials and design, the heat is directly transmitted to the outside of the cubes. This not only improves the heat dissipation efficiency, but also eliminates the need for consumables.

By introducing laser light source components in a few days time, the surveillance video wall will be revitalized and can continue to strive for 11.5 years of work for the national television signal monitoring department.