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94 Barco UDX-W32s make visual feast

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94 Barco UDX-W32s make visual feast
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With a large-scale multimedia architectural projection mapping staged in Changfeng Square, the people of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province had added reason to enjoy the recent Spring Festival. The spectacular lighting show, titled “A Brilliant Journey”, illuminated several landmark buildings on the square such as the Shanxi Grand Theatre, the Taiyuan Science and Technology Museum and the Taiyuan Art Museum.

The show organizers had used Barco projectors before and, thanks to the good experience and amazing results, once again looked to Barco when preparing for the Taiyuan mapping show. A grand total of 94 Barco UDX-W32 projectors, jointly presented a brilliant city lighting show: 66 projectors for the Shanxi Grand Theatre, 12 for the Shanxi Science and Technology Museum and 16 for the Taiyuan Art Museum. Which makes it the largest fixed deployment of Barco projectors in China so far.

Because of the irregular exterior surfaces of the modern buildings, the Taiyuan project faced many challenges to correctly project the images on the architectural canvases. However the new generation of Barco laser projectors, with their multi-point warping correction and calibration software, effectively and accurately solved the technical problems of this building projection mapping project. The Barco Pulse projection software platform can realize real-time multi-point complex geometric correction, which reduces setup time and enhances results for the visual experience.

Not only that, the Barco UDX-W32 laser projector has a constant light output function with extremely good uniformity. So when multiple projectors are used at the same time, maintaining the same brightness and color can be achieved without the need for complex color correction. Barco UDX projectors reduce the difficulty of building projection, and achieve spectacular results for the enjoyment of visiting crowds.

A successful light and shadow show of this size takes a lot of time, personnel and energy to prepare. The organizers of the Taiyuan project had to have everything installed, calibrated and functioning within 20 days, so the difficulty of achieving that with 94 projectors on complex buildings can only be imagined. But all the hard work, and the choice of Barco projectors, paid off, and Taiyuan citizens were able to enjoy the wonderful lighting show during the New Year festivities.

Thanks to the combination of Barco's high-quality products, expert engineers, and all functional departments working overtime, the setup was complete in just 15 days! Ultimately, all expectations were exceeded as people walking in Changfeng Square enjoyed the brilliant and amazing projection mapping on the buildings. This is the quality of Barco! The speed of Barco!