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Vivo Mobile India sees meetings differently with Barco wePresent in their meeting rooms

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Vivo Mobile India sees meetings differently with Barco wePresent in their meeting rooms
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It’s obviously not easy describing how innovative software works. And it’s especially difficult for a company like Vivo Mobile India. They’re at the cutting edge of smartphone technology, creating their own smartphones and smartphone software, as well as developing online services, concepts that are best demonstrated in meetings than presented as arbitrary explanations. Barco helped them make their meetings more effective. Barco wePresent has given them a user-friendly way of presenting their latest innovations.

Vivo Mobile India isn’t just involved in creating smartphones. They also design the software that makes their devices run. They create the online services their clients rely on. When it comes to meetings, it is easier to demonstrate how their innovations work than to explain the concepts behind them. This is why they wanted to find a way to quickly, conveniently and easily present content in meetings. They found the solution they needed in Barco wePresent.

Mobile technology

For Vivo Mobile, there are endless meetings, brainstorming sessions and conferences involved in bringing innovations like the FunTouch Operating System, the Vivo App Store and their range of smartphones, accessories and software to life. They crucially needed a system to present, demonstrate and share content in these meetings.

"We always wanted to make our meeting rooms and boardroom wireless," explains Dharmendra Rawat, IT Manager of the Vivo Mobile offices in Gurgaon. "We are a mobile phone company! Why would we work with all those different cables and wires?"

Wireless technology

Rawat knew Barco from their strong brand name and excellent reputation. He was immediately impressed with their range of user-friendly wireless meeting solutions. As such, he contacted Supertron, a national distributor of Barco products and solutions in India. They offered a premium price that included not only the device solution, but its installation as well.

Installation? Easy.
Vivo Mobile decided to install the Barco WiPG-1000. It would allow them to have wePresent wireless meeting technology in five different meeting rooms.

"Installation was very simple; it took only one day to setup all the meeting rooms," explains Rawat. "We were given a detailed demonstration. After that, we were so happy that we threw out all those cables. We don’t need them anymore!"

Meetings made fun

In offering an effective, user-friendly system for presenting data on a display device in high brightness and high resolution, wePresent has met every requirement for Vivo Mobile. But it has also offered more than was expected:

"We even use wePresent to share presentations in live streams and video conferences. Plus, we can split the screen to show content from two laptops or mobile devices at the same time on a single display," says Rawat. "wePresent makes meetings much more interactive and, in fact, much more fun."