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Barco - DWP Live and friends create projection mapping magic…again!

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Barco -  DWP Live and friends create projection mapping magic…again!
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The collaboration between Barco, video mapping expert DWP Live, and animation/projection design producer 59 Productions is becoming legendary when it comes to projection mapping, as the trio once again created a stunning visual feast for a special event.

                             “We were playing to a very media-savvy audience of key AEG executives who have experienced some cool, innovative effects in their venues. Even so, they were completely amazed, having never witnessed anything like this before!”

Danny Whetstone
Founder and President of DWP Live                         


Having seen first-hand the 2016 Barco Belgian Beer Bar projection mapping event at CinemaCon, the AEG executive team was so impressed by the DWP Live-Barco visual spectacular that they immediately began planning their own event with the two in mind. For their 2016 AEG Connect Summit, AEG eagerly engaged Barco, DWP Live and 59 Productions – who had previously collaborated on the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development event – to create the show.  The world’s largest sports teams/events owner’s annual employee event was held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada during hockey season last fall. 

The icy surface of the new arena was the perfect canvas for a five-minute show that left audiences awestruck by the surreal imagery.  Picture this:  ice cracking, transforming into water, and then draining as if a plug were pulled – then suddenly morphing into desert sand with old, downtown Las Vegas emerging into its present day façade showcasing classic Las Vegas culture and casino gaming on the rink. Visuals mimicked wood floorboards, metal doors, a circuit board, art pieces, animal prints, utilizing a mix of perspective tricks and animation to visually immerse and transport viewers to different worlds, augmented by lights and sounds. A projection of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final winning goal concluded the show with a crescendo!

The experts at DWP Live are big fans of Barco’s HDF-W30 Flex projectors, having employed them on numerous projects due to their ruggedness and versatility – not to mention the industry’s highest brightness levels.  The new Barco-exclusive 0.8 - 1.16:1 lenses were essential to shooting around and below the scoreboards. “We’ve even started designing projects around these lenses – they’re that unique and flexible.”


Barco solution

  •  HDF-W30 Flex projector


  • Ruggedness and versatility
  • Industry’s highest brightness levels


                             “Bending light through the lenses produced a truly ‘wow’ effect that truly impressed attendees who were buzzing about it all evening.”

Shelby Russell
Vice President of Marketing, AEG