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Barco - Medialon: everything a museum needs to control all AV equipment

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Barco -  Medialon: everything a museum needs to control all AV equipment
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         Situated in Russia’s Tula region, 300 kilometers from Moscow, the Museum Complex “The Kulikovo Field” tells the history of the most important battlefield in the history of Medieval Russia. The museum, which officially opened in October 2016, resolutely chose to depict the past using future-oriented technology, which lets its visitors immerse themselves into the drama of the battle. To control and monitor all the AV equipment in different museum exhibits, leading Russian AV system integrator A3V selected a show control system developed by Barco company Medialon.

Helicopter view of all AV devices
Medialon Manager V6 is one of Medialon’s leading show control solutions. The user-friendly, software-based platform collects real-time status information from a wide range of AV devices, even if spread over several rooms, and displays it on a single, visually-stunning user interface – viewable via either laptop or mobile device. Automatic alarms signal equipment errors, required maintenance, or a value outside of its normal range. This is, for example, very handy for tracking projector lamp hour usage.

Monitoring the equipment
Intuitive and easy to use, our Medialon software supports “The Kulikovo Field” team in monitoring and controlling all of the AV equipment in the museum, thus ensuring that every AV set-up works flawlessly - from the moment the first visitor enters the museum until the last one has left.


Barco solution

  • Medialon Manager V6

Why Barco? 

  • Easy to use software
  • AV monitoring interface