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Barco - Chiba Medical Center, Chiba Japan

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Barco - Chiba Medical Center, Chiba Japan
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Fusing productivity and comfort at the Chiba Medical Center

For 50 years, the Chiba Medical Center in Chiba has been one of Japan’s most renowned healthcare institutions. Since its inception, the hospital has been committed to providing high-quality medical services and promoting public healthcare in the region. To offer the best of care, the medical center employs the most qualified staff and relies on the latest technological innovations.

Once you choose Barco, you never change

Dr. Takuya Ueda is among Chiba’s most respected radiologist. As a radiologist at St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo, Dr. Ueda had already worked with Barco’s Coronis Fusion 6MP LED display. This diagnostic color display offers flexible, multimodality imaging, and can be used as two seamless 3MP heads or as one wide-screen 6MP display, thus improving productivity.

In this way, it allows Dr. Ueda to read CT, MR, cath and echo cardiogram images, among other things, while greatly decreasing his eye strain at the same time. No wonder the doctor decided to install the display at his new workplace as well!