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NEC Display: Burr Yacht

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NEC Display: Burr Yacht
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This yacht broker/dealer looked to the versatility and screen performance of NEC Display Solutions flat-panel monitors for its floating masterpieces.

Quick Facts

  • Facility: Burr Yacht Sales
  • Location: Edgewater, Maryland
  • Challenge: Unreliable displays, poor brightness and small viewable screen areas
  • Solution: 18" NEC MultiSync LCD1880SX and 15" NEC MultiSync LCD1550X
  • Date: April 2002

The NEC Solution

In the late 1990s, Burr Yacht was looking to replace the CRT monitors it had been using in various locations of its yachts for navigational purposes. The company was experiencing problems with the reliability of these monitors. As a replacement, Burr Yacht sought out monitors that were easy to "flesh mount," meaning they would cut a hole in the monitor to affix it to the console. As this was around the time that desktop LCD monitors began to experience a boom in popularity, Burr Yacht was intrigued by the ability of the flat-panel displays to provide more viewable screen area than the CRT monitors. By choosing an NEC 15" LCD monitor, Burr Yacht was able to increase the screen area by more than an inch without having to alter the console.

Pleased with the performance and reliability of NEC and its LCD displays, Burr Yacht has continued to use these monitors for its yachts over the past few years. As NEC has found ways to diminish the size of its LCD bezels, Burr Yacht has been able to further expand its screen areas up to 18", a more than four-inch increase from the CRT monitors it once used, without having to redesign its console construction. Because of this capability, older customers have been able to retrofit their yachts and upgrade from CRT monitors to LCD monitors with the latest in display technology.

As of early 2002, Burr Yacht was using the 18" NEC MultiSync LCD1830 in the pilot house and the 15" NEC MultiSync LCD1550X on the bridge of both Fleming models. The 18" model also is an option for the master stateroom and office of the 75-foot model.

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