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Juice Goose

Since 1983 Juice Goose has been a leading manufacturer of electric power conditioning, distribution and control equipment. Markets include commercial audio-video, security and telecommunications.

Model: RX 50

The RX 50 features the non sacrificial Juice Goose Hybrid Filter Technology to improve performance of electronic components and protect against dangerous power line surges on the hot, neutral and grou
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Juice Goose ABCs of UPSs
Posted on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to Specify a Battery Backup 

When power continuity or quality is important, define the size and nature of equipment to be powered and the role you want a UPS to serve. Then select a model with the design and battery capacity to provide that function.

Download the attached document for useful information about the design and function of UPSs and the best way to get the right unit for your application.

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